“Fur the Love of…a Diy”

Fur has been all over the winter trends this winter, whether its a jacket, a vest, a sweater, hats or some funky earmuffs (please say no to the earmuffs).

My mom loves creating so she wanted to make something that would definitely fit in with the fur trend, but also stand out in design.

I absolutely love this winter jacket. So here’s how you make it-

Get an old fur coat

My mom already had a huge fur coat from way back but if you don’t have one, then go to a thrift store and get your hands on one. Choose a colour that you like. Size doesn’t matter, in fact the bigger the size, the more material you have to work with.

Rid of excess fur

Cut off the fur you don’t want. In this case, it was the sleeves and a bit off of the bottom. My mom left the hood on hers because she love big big big hoods, especially fur ones:) Also, cut off the zipper. Either keep this zipper, or buy a new one to your preference.

Choose yarn and start knitting/Find an old sweater

If you want to completely customize your jacket, choose a colour of yarn that will compliment the colours and feel of your fur. Then, research simple knitting techniques and patterns and applied it to the making of the sleeves. Don’t worry about making anything too fancy because you already have to fur to compensate for everything else!

If you are not comfortable knitting, which is totally me (hence why my mother essentially made the coat haha), then find an old sweater in your closet, your dad’s closet, or pick one up at the thrift store. This will save you a lot of time. The only tricky part is you may run into a problem of proper sizing and length, but who knows you might get lucky with the store you’re at.

Final touches for knitting

Either cut off more of the sweater you used for the sleeves, or use the yarn to knit a small knitted bottom row for your jacket. This makes the jacket look “complete” and closes off the bottom of the fur nicely. Also, knit/cut two rows of the sweater that will go where the zipper used to be.

Final, final touches

Sew on your sleeves, bottom hemline type thing, and hemline for where your zipper used to be to your coat. You may use a sewing machine if you’re comfortable, but a simple in and out hand sewing will do. The final thing you have to do is sew the zipper into the new yarn that just replaced it.

Well there you go. Hopefully you guys create something great – lots of experimentation with this!

Have fun and stay warm.

x, mother niche


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