Raw MakeUp

Or how about just no makeup?

It’s been something that I’ve started doing, and noticing others do as well.

Since modelling, I learned to love my face as it is. Clients always ask for models to come without makeup to castings and shoots. Why? To see their natural beauty. And ever since, I’ve realized, why do I even wear makeup? I mean, think about it, the closest people will see you organic anyways; your husband seeing your beautiful face in the morning, your parents who watched you grow up into the person you are today, or maybe your close friends you just had a sleepover with.

At each shoot, my face was drawn on to create a new image, a new character. It was my job to portray that look and adapt to the look. It was so fun and challenging but something inside wanted to be just me and wear just me. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love modeling, but there is something about going home as myself after a shoot.

As I started doing this, I realized how raw I looked…And, surprisingly, loved it too. I packed my straightener and curler away years ago, so the natural hair and face made me feel completely fresh-cut. I don’t want to seem like a hypocrite either. I will admit that from time to time I do wear makeup (especially if a good, old friend pops out on my face…). But raw beauty is something I’ve begun to highly respect and commend people who see and do alike.

I’m not one for clichés either – can’t stand “be yourself” or any other redundant sayings, but I do like what I represent when I choose to go raw.

Check out these makeup-less beauties.

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