Music Culture in Our Fashion?

Could it be? Can culture be hitting our t.v. shows? And not even t.v. shows that stream at 2am on a Wednesday morning, but primetime Tuesday nights on MuchMusic?

Last week, Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) was spotted wearing a t-shirt of one of my favourite bands; Joy Division. WOO!

Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) from Pretty Little Liars

Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) from P.L.L.


I was pleasantly surprised; true music culture was becoming more public! But then I became a little saddened when I actually realized the real nature behind it. This shirt is sold at Urban Outfitters, a store of “hipster” status clothing as many would call it. I personally like Urban Outfitters; they definitely have a lot of great stuff, but it was the people who would buy it that I was saddened by. Most who buy the shirt only do it for their status of a hipster and don’t actually pay attention to the music they represent. There have been so many cases where I would start a conversation with someone based on the band that was on their shirt and they had no idea about any of their music. Or, even worse, they didn’t even know who or what was on their shirt. Uh, HELLO. So yes, I am a little upset that genuine admiration for Joy Division and Ian Curtis is being taken for granted. I guess you can tell I’m a big fan.

x, mother niche


One thought on “Music Culture in Our Fashion?

  1. I know what you mean, it is always so annoying to me as well to see that happen. Music t-shirts “back in the day” used to be about representing an artist or group that had the same type of vibe as you and in a way you wanted to pay homage to them while expressing yourself as well. It is very sad, nowadays, people just seem to buy for status just like you said…sad, sad,sad.

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