The Grammy’s Seem to Have More Misses Than Hits

Any red carpet event calls for a judgement on attire. Usually the stars hit it off with beautiful dresses and gowns, leaving only a few who have missed the mark. But last night’s grammy’s were way off.

Worst Dressed

Despite my love for her music and cute personality, this dress looks like it was scraped together the night before..By a 10 year old. Come on Kimbra, you could have avoided the extra fabric and just stuck with the gold.

Gotye and Kimbra

Gotye and Kimbra

This is meant for the runway, not the Grammy’s. I’m usually a fan of JLo’s dresses (except for the green mermaid one, if you remember what I’m talking about), but this just didn’t do it, sorry.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

The sea of green apparently swept away all the nice dresses and didn’t leave these stars any good ones. Not a fan this year of the green collection.

Katy Perry, Solange Knowles, Florence Welche

Katy Perry, Florence Welche, Solange Knowles

You’d think a model would have the decency to pick up on some sensible style and dresses, especially America’s Next Top Model All Stars Winner. Nope. Not Lisa D’Amato. I have no idea what happened here…

Lisa D'Amato

Lisa D’Amato

However, there were a few stars that did impress me

Taylor Swift’s elegance is always graced by a beautiful choice of dress. This one is lovely, I adore everything about it.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Faith Hill wore a nicely silhouetted short dress. I love the sheer and design on this. Clean and original.

Faith Hill

Faith Hill

Although there was much controversy on this dress, I personally liked it, and think Kelly Rowland pulled it off. Though she may have ignored the dress-code, she wore it with class and elegance.

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland

And finally, the highlight of the night for me, Rihanna’s graceful gown. It was so simple and stunning. Rihanna doesn’t need a super fancy dress to pull attention towards her, and this dress didn’t take any away either. Great choice and looked beautiful.



x, mother niche


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