Get to Know – Thea Bambina

Who knew that Hamilton, ON could be home to such talented people? I had gone to the town on a couple of occassions for shoots when I was still modeling. One of my favourite shoots was for a vintage boutique called Peacock Chic Boutique, and it was there that I met Thea.

At the time, Thea was interning for the boutique and styling their seasonal lookbooks. She was introduced into styling when her best friend asked her to help her out with putting outfits together for another shoot. Thea instantly fell in love with this art and the industry after her experience. She decided to further explore the field by attending George Brown College’s Fashion Management program, and then interning at Peacock Chic Boutique. This year, Thea has moved to Toronto and is back to the books studying at Humber’s Fashion Arts Programs.

“I love styling because it exercises both sides of my brain. For me, fashion is just as much a puzzle as it is an art. Balancing colour, silhouette, and innovation with a concept and producing something beautiful is really a challenge,” says Thea.

Keeping up with trends can potentially be a struggle, especially when you don’t live in fashion capitals. However, Thea makes sure she is up to date. Aside from her previous fashion knowledge and expertise, she references, Vogue, The Cut, Zink, Flare, V, Jalouse, and countless others. She also uses social media such as Pinterest, Instagram, Flipboard, Twitter, and Facebook.

“It’s important to be diverse in fashion knowledge and trends so that I’m prepared in any given environment or job,” explains Thea. She also shared that her inspiration was first drawn upon music and pop culture. Thea admires how the artists use fashion as an extension of their creativity. She was born in the 80s, and grew up in the 90s, so a lot of the trends she is seeing now are nostalgic.

That's me :) Shoot for Peacock Chic Lookbook with Thea

That’s me! Shoot for Peacock Chic Lookbook with Thea

Now at Humber, Thea has adapted a clearer visions of her future. After graduation, she plans to look into representation, and later having her work featured in notable print magazines. Thea’s passion developed quickly and her touch for styling is growing even quicker. She knows what she wants to do and has both feet planted right where she wants them.

Thea's favourite shoot - featured in

Thea’s favourite shoot – featured in

Thea's favourite look with Nate Palacios Photography and Kyra Heller from Spot6

Thea’s favourite look with Nate Palacios Photography and Kyra Heller from Spot6

Check Thea’s work out on her Facebook page –

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