Summer Hair Trends for 2013

Clearly I am getting really tired of winter and filling my time with trends for the summer.

Hair trends this year are putting a spin on pretty-grunge using dull hair colours and vibrant accessories.

1) Platinum Blonde – Try something completely new this summer and go with platinum blonde. Not only is this colour light for the summer, but it makes your face and outfits look that much more chic.


2) Head Scarves – If you want a more bohemian look, accessorize with head scarves. They’re a great way to bring in colour to your hair and finish outfit looks.

2013hairstylewith scarf

3) Silver/Grey – Definitely a new colour to be introduced. Many worry that this will age them, but the trick is adding a little lavender to brighten up the silver/grey. If you are the grunge-hippie type, this look is for you!


4) Hair Accessories – Floral hair accessories are my fav, but metal ones are up there too! Add floral hair accessories to this silver/grey colour. The brighter the better – you’ll get a lovely pop effect! For darker hair colours, I would suggest metal hair pieces, especially on a night out – hot!


Get funky this summer!

x, mother niche


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