I didn’t exactly know where to start with this dress, but it’s put well here.

National Post | Arts

Nipply, #LesNipplerables, #Anne Hathway nipples, #Nipplegate (presumably part two, after Janet’s infamous flap): They were all making the rounds on Twitter on Sunday night after Anne Hathaway hit the Academy Awards red carpet.

Wearing a pale pink Prada gown that would have — except for an odd illusion (or two) — no doubt garnered her fashion plaudits across the board, Anne Hathaway either didn’t know (which seems unlikely for a smart cookie like the best supporting actress nominee for Les Miserables) or grinned and beared it. Beared what? More like bared what.

Hathaway’s dress was the talk of Twitter, but more for a pair of awkwardly placed seams than for the usual discussion of suitability, designer, or accessories. Although, it should be noted, those jewels are Tiffany.

Of course, the first thing worth noting here is that most of these A-list stars don’t even SEE their evening wear…

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