1 Hour Cardigan Fix – DIY!

The quickest, simplest, and cutest DIY on a cardigan that can be worn in a variety of different ways! Keep in classy – even in the grungiest of places (the background of my picture is quite an adequate example apparently…)

P.S. My little kitty feels it necessary to squeeze her little body in every picture and prove herself worthy of help. Just a subtle warning hehe.


Step 1 – Buy your choice of fabric 150cm x 150cm. I used boiled wool but you are free to choose whatever you like!


Step 2 – Fold the square in half


Step 3 – Fold the rectangle in half again to make a square


Step 4 – Measure 70cm from the closed corner (the one with no openings) of your square. Use chalk or something similar make the markings

Hint – measure 70cm of a ribbon, fix it in place of the corner and just use that 


Step 5 – Once you  have the quarter of the circle drawn, cut along the chalked line. Make sure to only cut one layer at a time. If you cut all the layers at once, they will shift and your circle will become uneven.

Hint – I inserted pins along the straight edges to make sure the fabric and layers don’t move while cutting.


Step 6 – When you have cut all of the layers, you should finish with a product that looks like this. I pinned the other sides so that the layers wouldn’t shift.


Step 7 – Open up the circle.


Step 8 – Now cut 2 congruent slits 15cm away from the centre of the circle. The shape/size of the slits is up to you, but I would stay away from circles just because it looks awkward.

Oh, and excuse the ugly ruler I used…


Step 9 – Finish off by cutting out the slits. Here is half of a slit.



And you’re done 🙂 Stay tuned for another post on all of the different ways to wear this cardigan!

Purse – Coach

Long-Sleeve Sweater – Urban Behaviour

Belt – Byway (vintage)

Shoes – Clarks

x, mother niche

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