Inspiration Tuesday

Tuesdays have got to be the worst days of the week. Here’s my theory; your conserved energy from the weekend has been rightfully wasted for Monday, and hump day is still loathing its approach tomorrow.

So to get through Tuesdays a little easier, I decided to include a new segment: “Inspiration Tuesday” and add a little inspo and flare to everyone’s midweek miseries:)

With spring quickly approaching, I wanted to get everyone in the mood of the 60s flare that’s coming back into style this season! Aside from last year’s pop colour trend, this spring is full of contrast black and whites, and with these sunnies, you’ll be able to finish off any look.

So the bigger, the rounder, the better –

Specs Appeal

march12th - specs appeal


3 thoughts on “Inspiration Tuesday

  1. Love that photo! Super cool!
    Check out my new blog; I just posted about Spring Break ’13. 🙂 Would really appreciate it.

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