Creep Shot: St. Petersburg

A new segment I’ve decided to start. Essentially, just snapping quick photos from behind of noteworthy trends from various places. This one features St. Petersburg in the summer.

My favourite part of Russia is the existing chivalry. Though they have adopted a lot of habits from the West, Russian boys always come to the first couple of dates with at least one flower. Evidently, this girl was very lucky.


Another, girls/ladies/women are always dressed up in heels and dresses/skirts for casual days and dates. High class.


This caught my eye for several obvious reasons. Seems as though the Russian ‘P!NK’ is in the house. Still in heels, we see a form of punk on the streets of St. P.IMG_4931

The Western Hipster in the form of a Russian Hipster. Always a comforting style to see around the world.


I like the bohemian dress and purse, but the heels threw me off. Perhaps the heel cutoff suggests the financial state of the style. Bohi-what? IMG_4938

The most redundant trend of the bunch: tattoos on the legs. In the West, tattoos have become increasingly in style, and now they are in Russia too. What’s interesting is that tattoos always had a second conotation (only Thieves by Law had tattoos, i.e. ex-cons). Influence from the West is getting stronger.IMG_4940

x, mother niche



With two days of rain and the rest of 30 degree with sun, I was lucky to have packed my suitcase with variety. Knowing the standard of dressing up, I made sure to pack an abundance of dresses and skirts. Maxis are my favourite because you can play around with the length. As for shoes, a nude suede flat is always safe, birkenstocks for the heavier walking days, and no shortage of heels for all of the nights out.

x, mother niche

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