Sunrise and Layovers in Paris

I had a bit of time during my layover in Charles de Gaulle (Parisian airport). Though I’ve been here many times, I don’t think I ever liked it as much as this time. The sunrise, paired with the window wall illuminated the waiting area, and let me tell you, it got hot. I took off my jacket and cardigan, and decided to walk around, wearing a black tank top, leggings, and Clark’s. In Canada, wearing leggings and a tank top is a norm, but it was interesting to see the looks I was getting from local Parisians. As I learned from my visit last year, ladies like to cover their hips, especially if they’re wearing leggings.
Paris definitely deserves the title as one of the fashion capitals, because all the ladies are able to compliment their body types, cover their bums, and do it stylishly.
Long shirts and cardigans did the trick, while also colour blocking and layering. Well done my Parisian ladies, well done indeed.
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Street Style in Paris

Oasis pocket jacket
$100 –

Jean shorts
$28 –

Office ankle boots
$130 –


Circle scarf

Russia Bound

Apologies for the delay of the giveaway.

It is now over! The winner has been chosen, but I will have a post of that in a few days. I am in Paris right now, flying to St. Petersburg, Russia so give me a few days to regain all my sleep and strength.

Hope everyone’s summer is going great and I will have many more posts and DIYs heading your way.

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Giveaway is Still Running!

I just wanted to remind everyone that the giveaway is still running and there is less than a week left!

Prize: Dylan bracelet in Coral and White from Foxy Originals Jewelry

Deadline: July 30th!

What to do? Check out this post >

Photos by Neda, Bracelet by Foxy Originals

Photos by Neda, Bracelet by Foxy Originals

The office is getting busy, but I’ve got great material coming out for everyone!

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Not Leaving Prom Behind

As school has come to a close and everyone is avidly planning parties, roadtrips, and sleepovers for the summer, I, along with the rest of my graduating class, were  excitedly looking forward to our prom!

And just as quickly as the anticipation time flew by, so did the night itself, which of course, is quite saddening.

However, I wanted to give you ladies a way to remember your prom (whether just passed, from several years ago, or in the future) throughout the summer with these hairstyles!

At my own prom, I saw a variety of styles that defied the stereotypical prom hair. All I kept thinking was that these would be great styles for the summer on a night out or a way to make your overall look complete!

sam hair

Instead of doing the traditional bun, curl your hair first. It’ll give your hair more texture and volume. When putting it back into the bun, keep your grip loose so that the hair at the front falls naturally around your face. Leaving out a curly strand is super cute as well!

ania hair

This is me at prom, and although this is a complete act of narcissism, I thought it was appropriate for this page. This messy braid is the go-to summer hair look for this season and adding flowers with loose strands make for the perfect one.

shelley hair

My friend Shelley definitely put a twist to the stereotypical prom hair with her look. What I like about this one is that wearing your hair to a dinner or drinks just like this works with any look. Of course messing it up, easing up on the curls, and letting them sit naturally do the same justice.

Hoping everyone’s summer is going great – which look was your favourite?

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Summer Fresh – Inspo Tuesday


Feeling so inspired by this photo to go and enjoy the beauty of nature. I’m ready to let my freckles come out and get my skin all bronzed up!

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summer fresh

New Child Model Law Restrictions

It’s so encouraging to see changes being made in the industry.

A big mistake I encountered many times was the deceptive reality of modeling. Of course any fourteen year old girl would watch Fashion Television and dream to be one of the tall, beautiful, and let’s not forget, skinny ladies walking the runway. And from that perspective the industry is unique and elite. But from the inside, it’s a complete 180.

Let me begin with saying that as a model, you are not on top. It’s a misconception made by almost everyone, even the models themselves. You may think sitting in the chair getting your makeup and hair done, then posing in front of the photographer is glamourous, but the reality is that you are making someone else’s vision a reality. You are there to make your agent happy, since, after all, you are giving a portion of your income to them. The more you make, the more effort they put into putting you out there.

Clients are the worst. You come in to a casting, with the occasional hello and the vey rare smile from your greeter, all the while, your grin is from ear to ear and the fake laugh leaves your mouth and every other thing they say. Talk about making them happy. Also, all of the time you put into making yourself look like a natural beauty is put to waste, because in the recent image of models, your body is all that matters. Let’s revise – you “watch your weight” for your agent and client in order to get more jobs, when in reality you are seriously hurting yourself.

Now, on the actual shoot day, you probably won’t eat breakfast, as even a little bump in your tummy is calling for an hour of photoshop. As well, the photographer has a psychological authority over the model – unless you bear the name Coco Rocha, a photographer’s instructions are to be taken seriously. And their placement of your leg or arm? That’s up to the model to decide what just happened there.

Model’s don’t make the big bucks either. Even if you are booking jobs daily, you are lucky if you meet the average income for families. This is with long days of work and minimal days off. Oh, and pay checks take on average two months to come in, so tell all of those bills that are calling your name nonstop that you’re putting them on hold. Good luck.

There is so much more misconception to what models deal with mentally and physically, but after reading the article below, it’s encouraging to see a positive change. The old skinny is changing with this new law, and from what I’ve come to notice, is it is changing towards a better healthy. Hallelujah.

I love the way Sarah Ziff explains that unfortunately, young girls would do anything to have a chance at success, especially as a model. I can easily testify to that statement and am afraid that most girls, if not all, find themselves in a similar predicament. With this new law, I’m hoping that young girls see past the minimal positives, and focus on the drastic negatives before delving into this dangerous and foreign world.

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Article >


I can’t get enough of Amsterdam. No matter where I travel, it’s the one stop-over I try to make happen. Lucky enough, I got to go again.

Even though this was from a few weeks ago, the weather is still on its mood swing. I think I had three layers overall, including a tank top from Mendocino, my Burton sweater that i absolutely adore, and my favourite Pull&Bear spring jacket. Also, a colourful scarf from Costa Blanca to add a little colour and SNZ Women flats.

A little much, but I’m relieved I piled on the layers. I was stripping down and dressing right back up every hour.

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