Sunrise and Layovers in Paris

I had a bit of time during my layover in Charles de Gaulle (Parisian airport). Though I’ve been here many times, I don’t think I ever liked it as much as this time. The sunrise, paired with the window wall illuminated the waiting area, and let me tell you, it got hot. I took off my jacket and cardigan, and decided to walk around, wearing a black tank top, leggings, and Clark’s. In Canada, wearing leggings and a tank top is a norm, but it was interesting to see the looks I was getting from local Parisians. As I learned from my visit last year, ladies like to cover their hips, especially if they’re wearing leggings.
Paris definitely deserves the title as one of the fashion capitals, because all the ladies are able to compliment their body types, cover their bums, and do it stylishly.
Long shirts and cardigans did the trick, while also colour blocking and layering. Well done my Parisian ladies, well done indeed.
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Street Style in Paris

Oasis pocket jacket
$100 –

Jean shorts
$28 –

Office ankle boots
$130 –


Circle scarf

Killin’ it with a little Phil Spector


Photos by Neda


Photos by Neda, Makeup by Jackie Fedorowicz


Hello my beautiful readers!

It was wonderful to wake up this morning and have 20 degrees Celsius at 8am after all of the rain that has been flooding Toronto. In all honesty, I never believed Toronto would, or even could, flood….Surprise, surprise. 

So how to celebrate this warm weather? I’m whipping out my, as I call it, minimalistic clothing – High waisted shorts (from Garage – bogo event, I am okay with that) and a t-shirt from my local Black Market that went under a little “DIY operation”.

I love the Black Market for reasons such as the shirt, with the infamous Phil Spector on it, was $1.99. Read that sentence again, I’m not joking. 

For this shirt specifically, I cut it as a crop with a tie at the bottom. It’s a perfect length with these retro high waisted shorts! The sunglasses are also from Black Market, where you can find other great styles, all for $10!

For those with a background on Phil Spector, perhaps the title of this post sparks a little “punny” in you, but go out and dress to kill with the wonderful weather out right now!

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Photos by Neda


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feat. Foxy Originals


Photos by Neda


Photos by Neda


Photos by Neda


Although they were last season’s it” colours, black and white are still springing right through summer.

I found this versatile mid length skirt in Simons during my trip to Quebec City in late winter. Definitely one of my favourites – you can wear it on your hips as a tight maxi, at your waist as a mid-length, or even as a dress depending on how adventurous you are feeling.

If you’re someone who likes to wear bandeaus, look out for the new bralettes. Essentially the same as a bandeau, but with an extension of lace at the bottom. I’d have to say it’s my favourite clothing item of the summer.

Foxy Originals

I discovered a local jewelry company called Foxy Originals. Their wide selection in jewelry is a great touch to any outfit. Their unique and intricate designs make their pieces stand out and are complimentary to any look and person!

Wearing the Boa Necklace from Foxy Originals –

Keep checking back for a giveaway of a Foxy item!

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I can’t get enough of Amsterdam. No matter where I travel, it’s the one stop-over I try to make happen. Lucky enough, I got to go again.

Even though this was from a few weeks ago, the weather is still on its mood swing. I think I had three layers overall, including a tank top from Mendocino, my Burton sweater that i absolutely adore, and my favourite Pull&Bear spring jacket. Also, a colourful scarf from Costa Blanca to add a little colour and SNZ Women flats.

A little much, but I’m relieved I piled on the layers. I was stripping down and dressing right back up every hour.

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DSC_0070 DSC_0071 photo_2 DSC_0085

1 Hour Cardigan Fix – DIY!

The quickest, simplest, and cutest DIY on a cardigan that can be worn in a variety of different ways! Keep in classy – even in the grungiest of places (the background of my picture is quite an adequate example apparently…)

P.S. My little kitty feels it necessary to squeeze her little body in every picture and prove herself worthy of help. Just a subtle warning hehe.


Step 1 – Buy your choice of fabric 150cm x 150cm. I used boiled wool but you are free to choose whatever you like!


Step 2 – Fold the square in half


Step 3 – Fold the rectangle in half again to make a square


Step 4 – Measure 70cm from the closed corner (the one with no openings) of your square. Use chalk or something similar make the markings

Hint – measure 70cm of a ribbon, fix it in place of the corner and just use that 


Step 5 – Once you  have the quarter of the circle drawn, cut along the chalked line. Make sure to only cut one layer at a time. If you cut all the layers at once, they will shift and your circle will become uneven.

Hint – I inserted pins along the straight edges to make sure the fabric and layers don’t move while cutting.


Step 6 – When you have cut all of the layers, you should finish with a product that looks like this. I pinned the other sides so that the layers wouldn’t shift.


Step 7 – Open up the circle.


Step 8 – Now cut 2 congruent slits 15cm away from the centre of the circle. The shape/size of the slits is up to you, but I would stay away from circles just because it looks awkward.

Oh, and excuse the ugly ruler I used…


Step 9 – Finish off by cutting out the slits. Here is half of a slit.



And you’re done 🙂 Stay tuned for another post on all of the different ways to wear this cardigan!

Purse – Coach

Long-Sleeve Sweater – Urban Behaviour

Belt – Byway (vintage)

Shoes – Clarks

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