Foxy Originals – Giveaway!

That’s right, a giveaway!

I fell in love with Foxy Originals pieces and wanted to share the love. What’s the item? My favourite Dylan Bracelet in Gold with Coral and White – perfect colours for this summer’s trends.

What’s required? Read below

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Also – Foxy Originals ships worldwide so don’t fret if you’re not from my area. Everyone has a chance to get in on this hot prize!

Use the coupon code FOXYANIA15 to get 15% off your purchases on all Foxy Originals jewelry!


Photos by Neda, 


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I can’t get enough of Amsterdam. No matter where I travel, it’s the one stop-over I try to make happen. Lucky enough, I got to go again.

Even though this was from a few weeks ago, the weather is still on its mood swing. I think I had three layers overall, including a tank top from Mendocino, my Burton sweater that i absolutely adore, and my favourite Pull&Bear spring jacket. Also, a colourful scarf from Costa Blanca to add a little colour and SNZ Women flats.

A little much, but I’m relieved I piled on the layers. I was stripping down and dressing right back up every hour.

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DSC_0070 DSC_0071 photo_2 DSC_0085

Bringing Sexy Back…Lol Jk, Where’s My Tan Though?

Hello my wonderful readers!

Not exactly sure if I should start with an apology or go straight into my alibi as to why I have been MIA….

Long story short, I’m in my senior year, and it’s crunch time so you can imagine that I’m drowning in papers and studying. Also, my parents decided it was a good time for a vacation…IN THE MIDDLE OF MY SEMESTER!

Not that I’m complaining or anything. I have A TON of photos to post, styles and trends to write about, and just to make you all heinously jealous of course.

Where did I go you ask? Spain. Yes, Spain. Wonderful, beautiful, historical, majestic, and captivating Spain….Ok, where’s my tan though?

Word of advice – go to Spain after the first of May at least. It was so cold there, I hardly got any colour. At one point it was 4 degrees celsius…in Madrid. No joke.

However, I made the best of it, got a lot of photos, and can’t wait to post those. Also, look out for my Spanish Haul post – lots of cute stuff to show y’all

Hope the weather is treating you well lovelies

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Cartagena, Spain

Cartagena, Spain

Summer Hair Trends for 2013

Clearly I am getting really tired of winter and filling my time with trends for the summer.

Hair trends this year are putting a spin on pretty-grunge using dull hair colours and vibrant accessories.

1) Platinum Blonde – Try something completely new this summer and go with platinum blonde. Not only is this colour light for the summer, but it makes your face and outfits look that much more chic.


2) Head Scarves – If you want a more bohemian look, accessorize with head scarves. They’re a great way to bring in colour to your hair and finish outfit looks.

2013hairstylewith scarf

3) Silver/Grey – Definitely a new colour to be introduced. Many worry that this will age them, but the trick is adding a little lavender to brighten up the silver/grey. If you are the grunge-hippie type, this look is for you!


4) Hair Accessories – Floral hair accessories are my fav, but metal ones are up there too! Add floral hair accessories to this silver/grey colour. The brighter the better – you’ll get a lovely pop effect! For darker hair colours, I would suggest metal hair pieces, especially on a night out – hot!


Get funky this summer!

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Today was a Good Day

I got an acceptance letter to Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada today for the Journalism program!

Oh, and an $8000 scholarship, HOLLA!

Just thought I would update – I am so excited to get into the industry.

That is all, have a nice long weekend lovelies

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