Killin’ it with a little Phil Spector


Photos by Neda


Photos by Neda, Makeup by Jackie Fedorowicz


Hello my beautiful readers!

It was wonderful to wake up this morning and have 20 degrees Celsius at 8am after all of the rain that has been flooding Toronto. In all honesty, I never believed Toronto would, or even could, flood….Surprise, surprise. 

So how to celebrate this warm weather? I’m whipping out my, as I call it, minimalistic clothing – High waisted shorts (from Garage – bogo event, I am okay with that) and a t-shirt from my local Black Market that went under a little “DIY operation”.

I love the Black Market for reasons such as the shirt, with the infamous Phil Spector on it, was $1.99. Read that sentence again, I’m not joking. 

For this shirt specifically, I cut it as a crop with a tie at the bottom. It’s a perfect length with these retro high waisted shorts! The sunglasses are also from Black Market, where you can find other great styles, all for $10!

For those with a background on Phil Spector, perhaps the title of this post sparks a little “punny” in you, but go out and dress to kill with the wonderful weather out right now!

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Photos by Neda


x, mother niche


Bringing Sexy Back…Lol Jk, Where’s My Tan Though?

Hello my wonderful readers!

Not exactly sure if I should start with an apology or go straight into my alibi as to why I have been MIA….

Long story short, I’m in my senior year, and it’s crunch time so you can imagine that I’m drowning in papers and studying. Also, my parents decided it was a good time for a vacation…IN THE MIDDLE OF MY SEMESTER!

Not that I’m complaining or anything. I have A TON of photos to post, styles and trends to write about, and just to make you all heinously jealous of course.

Where did I go you ask? Spain. Yes, Spain. Wonderful, beautiful, historical, majestic, and captivating Spain….Ok, where’s my tan though?

Word of advice – go to Spain after the first of May at least. It was so cold there, I hardly got any colour. At one point it was 4 degrees celsius…in Madrid. No joke.

However, I made the best of it, got a lot of photos, and can’t wait to post those. Also, look out for my Spanish Haul post – lots of cute stuff to show y’all

Hope the weather is treating you well lovelies

x, mother niche

Cartagena, Spain

Cartagena, Spain

Inspiration Tuesday

Tuesdays have got to be the worst days of the week. Here’s my theory; your conserved energy from the weekend has been rightfully wasted for Monday, and hump day is still loathing its approach tomorrow.

So to get through Tuesdays a little easier, I decided to include a new segment: “Inspiration Tuesday” and add a little inspo and flare to everyone’s midweek miseries:)

With spring quickly approaching, I wanted to get everyone in the mood of the 60s flare that’s coming back into style this season! Aside from last year’s pop colour trend, this spring is full of contrast black and whites, and with these sunnies, you’ll be able to finish off any look.

So the bigger, the rounder, the better –

Specs Appeal

march12th - specs appeal

Last Little Bit of Winter Fashion

Last Little Bit of Winter Fashion

River island dress
$61 –

Office black wedges shoes
$105 –

Shopping tote

Retro eyewear

OOTD – Diva Status

 ootdfeb17th1 ootdfeb17th2ootdfeb17th

Fur Coat – DIY, see

Shirt – Bedo

Pants – In portrait > Lululemon leggings. In display > H&M

Shoes – Shoe mania

Sunglasses – Aldo Accessories

x, mother niche